Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, 2009 and we're kicking it off to a good start, and thanks to fellow TAIS board member Craig for the poster! TAIS is going to be hosting the first Incubator of the year, and the first Incubator we've had in many a moon. What's an Incubator? It's an animation open-house...drop by the TAIS art space to get some advice, show off works in progress, get feedback or just come up fer air and say "Jeebus, man...shave, whydon'tcha!" (that to me...really need to see a man about a razor.) Plus, a chance to get yer hands dirty scratchin' n' painting movement directly onto film's all artsy n' messy n' cool n' stuffs. Anyhoo, it's this coming Wednesday night at TAIS H.Q. All the details to be had can be had here. Hope to see ya!

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