Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Ho-Ho from Pes (and, well, me too.)

Anybody who knows me knows that me and happy-happy joy-joy don't get along well, and Xmas is the 600 hundred pound gorilla of glad tidings. So, instead of blowing Yule Log smoke up yer bums, which would be ignant, I'll leave you with some goodies I've found round the web as I wind down this 2008.

Above, a gift from renowned thingamator PES. He's offered up a hires download of his famous Xmas FirePlace screen saver, free for the takin'! Just go here. And be sure to send him some e-mail thanks.

Next, a jazzy lil' number from the Verve record label...finally, a rendition of a Christmas classic that don't make me wanna punch puppies.

Here, we've got a Hoser Hoedown courtesy of Animax Entertainment. Honestly, these guys have been fighting to get an animated Bob n' Doug off the ground for freakin' YEARS, so it's nice to know they finally get to produce the thing...according to The Star, "The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie goes to air in Canada on the Global network in January."

Finally, here's the only truly sweet, heartfelt studio Christmas toon I was able to find in a half-hour of searching the YouTubes. It's one of me faves, simple, well-executed, short, and damned cute...a perfect closer to a darn fine year. Hope y'all have a good one, no matter what yer doin' or who you're doin' it with. Peace, and I'll see you in a couple o' weeks.


Anonymous said...

I also made a little film for Christmas (I'm not a TAIS member, but I did go to a number of the events in 2008):

No AVI version so far, unfortunately... I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

That was great, niffiwan. Thanks for sharing!