Thursday, April 10, 2008

Freejack...our toon, yer way.

Now here's a cool idea. Smiley Guy Studios, makers of Cancon animation staple Odd Job Jack, are putting up legal torrents of their shows full content, including open flash files, up for grabs for anyone to download under a creative commons license and mash-up to their hearts content. Video game companies have been doing mods for YEARS, so why is it that a) no one has thought to do something like this before (apologies if someone has) and b) why isn't there a bigger noise about this in the animation community? Not only is this a great resource for web-vid mashup mavens but a great way for students and hobby animators to see how it's done. Check it out...kudos to Drawn for the post.

**Slight followup** This Freejack thing has been going on since 2006?!?! O.k., so this post isn't exactly breaking news. Still, download them torrents and check the stuff out, s'worth a look. Shit, how'd I miss this in 2006?


Adrian Carter said...

Hi, I am Adrian Carter, one of the creators and producers and a director of OJJ. I was behind this initiative. It actually did get a lot of press at the time and a great response from the animation community.

Unfortunately, we never saw anyone animate anything with the files. We'd still love to!


TempleDog said...

Shame no one did anything with the Jack assets. Still, a damn fine idea. Nicely done!