Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2nd Channel Frederator Awards

The doods over at Channel Frederator have announced the nominees for the 2nd Fred awards, and I'm desperately trying to not be a pissy bitch over not being nominated for the 'Badass Bunny Award' category. Fred, c'mon...I love Choom Lam, Elizabeth Ito, and Ben Meinhardt's films, but did they give their bunnies huge cybernetic battle machines and killer plant monsters to fight? Hmmm?

O.k., I'm over it. The nominees this year are a freakin' stellar lineup, from 'Make Mine Shoebox' to 'Cocotte Minute'. Go. Vote. And demand more bunnies in battlesuits. I'm just sayin' is all. Phoink me.

p.s.: seriously, I'm messin'. Congrats to all the nominees, and to the fine folks at Frederator for continuing to showcase some damn fine animatin'.

NOTE: Just had someone leave their full contact info as a comment, tryin' to get ahold of Madi. I erased your comment to keep the spammers at bay, but I've passed your info on to Madi. You can also send an email to Cheers!

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