Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TAIS Ottawa '07: Joanna Quinn

Apologies for the long absence, friends...I was at home flat on my battered behind after having a portion of it carved out (out of necessity) by one of the skilled scalpel swingers at Toronto Western. Long story short, bloggin' was the last thing on my mind last week.

Fortunately, a new week has dawned, and with it, I get the chance to fulfill some long overdue promises, namely to upload some video goodness from Ottawa '07. Here, we see Joanna Quinn, she of Charmin Bears fame, holding court at the National Gallery. Rather than show her films, make a few quick comments and call it a day, she proceeded after the screening to spread her Bounty (Charmin', Bounty, get it?) over the stage for all to peruse. My fave moment is the slow "Wowwwww" that wafts up from the crowd of spellbound animation students as Joanna shows off some multilayer 'frosted cell' artwork and explains how she achieved the soft, hand-rendered look she's so famous for.

I'll have another batch of video goodness tomorrow, featuring pumpkins. You heard me right. More later!

UPDATE: Embedded a much larger MyToons uploaded version of the vid. Hopefully, the MyToons guys won't mind an animation 'related' vid being uploaded to their site, rather than an animated short. Just waiting for the picnic vid to transcode...I'll post as soon as it's ready. Later!

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