Friday, March 14, 2008

MyToons Bumper Blastoff winners!

MyToons 'Bumper Blastoff' contest has wrapped up, with winners taking home big cash, major kudos, and a chance to get their portfolio a looksee by the dudes at INTERspectacular, Freestyle Collective and Nailgun. (I think I've got Nailgun on vynil somewheres...) The grand prize winner is 'Furnick', animated by David J. Suroviec. Nicely done. Kudos to all them award winners and runners-up. Great contests the dudes at MyToons come up with...gotta whip up something for their next one.

Speakin' o' contests, I'll have a big-ass related item of noozy goodness for y'all later today. Stay tooned. Meanwhile, enjoy David's short while he basks in the bucks. Later!

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