Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MONSTERJAM announced in Fred #125

The guys from Channel Frederator have been kind enuff to supply us with some pimpage for the MONSTERJAM event being hosted by TAIS. You can see the trailer here in Ep. 125...that makes two toons I've gotten published by the Fred! Woot! Special thanks to Eric Homan for programming this, and for promoting the jam. Intrigued? Pop on over to the TAIS site for more info, then make us some monster-mation and send it on in!

And don't ferget, you can also submit any animated film you've made in the past 2 years to the TAIS animation showcase! All the juicy details are available on the TAIS site. Meanwhile, this ep. of Fred promises Playmobil girls gone inappropriate and more French flavored pop-topped fun from the guys at Pileated Pictures. Enjoy!

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