Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pendleton Ward FTW: Adventure Time at Platform

Just had to post kudos about Pen Ward winning 'Best Film for Children' at the inaugural Platform fest in Seattle, just to list these points:

1) I like the film. Somewhat. O.k., really, I fuckin' hate it. Nothin' against ya, Pen, it just don't work for me. I especially hate the freakin' dog.

2) I'm screamingly jealous of 'stream of conciousness' directors like Pen Ward. Cuz I'm a total technician...I will literally design to the point where the original 'cute lil' short' idea gets completely obliterated in the details. Designing yerself OUT of a film, basically.

3) I really don't get why it created such a hubbub. It's damn cute, goofy fun. But it's got it's own Wikipedia page and a fansite. For a short. Wherf?

Ya ever feel like a total freakin' troll for hatin' on sumthin' everyone likes? Like the dood who walks into the room with charisma comin' out his ass, and everyone warms up to the guy, and it turns out that he's a dad and does charity work and is genuinely cool, but he just pushes yer freakin' buttons just to look at him?

That's me and Adventure Time. So, with a shake of my head at you and me at the same time, congrats, dood. O.k., I feels better now. Final mix day for my film (Adventure Time it ain't) on the 18th!


Anonymous said...

Can we keep the language clean? Kids read this.

TempleDog said...

Uhh, no, they don't. This blog is for the members of kidlings involved in the process at any point, chief. And I ain't censoring meself...if the situation calls for cursing, T-dog be cursing. End o' discussion.