Wednesday, July 25, 2007

1st film, 1st rejection letter...

I have officially arrived as an animator. For I have just been verbally kicked in the nuts by Chris Robinson. Read on, gentle blog viewer:

Dear Neil

Thank you for submitting First Time Out to the Ottawa 2007 International Animation Festival.

I'm sorry to say that it was not selected for this year’s Festival. With the more than 2070 entries submitted we - once again - had a difficult task selecting this year’s films. In the end, only 96 films were selected for Competition and 31 for Showcase. The list of selected films will be on our website soon at

I hope that you will not be discouraged by the bad news. We consciously try to keep our competition spaces smaller than many festivals. As such, the OIAF is probably one of the hardest international animation festivals to get into.

Despite the lousy news, we still encourage you to attend this year’s festival. We’ll be featuring programs such as a special four-part retrospective of UPA Studios, tributes to Saul Steinberg and Poetry in Animation plus retrospectives of Joanna Quinn, Janet Perlman. Dušn Vukotic and Head Gear Animation

If you are looking for a new job or animation school you won't want to miss Animators for Hire and Career Day. Also be sure to visit the Animarket Trade Show.

For the first time, Laika and OIAF will present Salon des Refusés on Thursday September 20th and Friday September 21st from 11:00am to 2:00pm at CLUB SAW. Bring this letter with you for a chance to have your film screened! Letters will be randomly selected. Participants must bring their own NTSC DVD. (You must be over 19 to attend because you will be able to drown your sorrows with alcoholic beverages)

Don’t forget about the Television Animation Conference (TAC) which will be held Sept. 19-20 at the Chateau Laurier Hotel. For information on TAC visit:

We wish you luck in the future and encourage you to submit your work to as many festivals as possible – and be sure to send us your future work.

Kind regards,

Chris Robinson
Artistic Director

Yeah, I kinda felt in me bones that First Time Out just wasn't a fit for Ottawa...still, I feel like kickin' puppies or strangling Rebel commanders right now. Phuck. Ironically, Spence is still a mixin', thinkin' about an August 1st deadline. Now he's got all the time in the flippin' world. Weep, sob, hysterics, etc.

O.k., I'm over meself. There's still Platform, Frederator, that fest down in Buffalo, the one in Seoul...somebodie's gotta see my true artistic genius. Or at least, like them some bots n' bunnies. Late.

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