Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bellini hosts Wildsound's Feedback Fest!

Sorry, dood, couldn't hep meself. When Marc Beurteaux let me know of this swingin' monthly Toronto film fest, held at the NFB and moderated by Kids in the Hall's own Paul Bellini, I had to go and grab this image.

To be fair, Bellini's a lot more dressed and a lot more svelte of late. Plus, he lost the 'stache. When he's not holding court at the Feedback fest, he writes for FAB, a fixture mag in Toronto's gay community.

More feedback on Feedback...it's a monthly fest for live action, animated and experimental film works. Submission fees are 20 bucks a film, cheep! Plus, there's an after-fest gab session to discuss your film with other film makers and all present.

Click on the Bellini of days past for info on the July 24th event, featuring 'Puppet' by Patrick Smith and 'Inheritance' by Mike Weiss! And click on the Bellini of today to get info on how to submit your stuff. Meanwhile, I'll patiently await Marc's email berating me for playing up the Bellini aspect so damn much. What can I say, I is a hack. Go by a ticket, dammit!

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