Thursday, July 8, 2010

U900 -Twist And Shout

Hotter than it needs to be out there in the big smoke today, so here's some crazy cute to cool you down. Amigurumi animation sensei Yosuke Kihara, aka KeroKeroKingDX (I hear he takes his moniker from a fave video game) has once again teamed up with Japan's U900 to give us a cover of the Phil Medley and Bert Russell song 'Twist and Shout' (as made famous by them Beatles).

As it turns out, this is just one track of a whole album of uke-flavored Beatles covers. So if you like your McCartney with a side o' poi, get yerself a copy of 'Ukulele Mystery Tour'. Oh, and while yer at it, go buy the rest of U900's albums and throw sensei Kihara some love on his YouTube page. Late!

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