Thursday, July 8, 2010

TAIS summer showcase hilights

By all accounts this year's Summer Showcase was a beaut, with tons of great films and filmmakers in attendance. Madi managed to snap a few shots at the show, and sent 'em along to me along with the list of lucky (make that talented) winners. Good on ya, everyone! More cool events to come.

Jury Prizes:
Best of Show - Gold - AMOEBA by Patrick Jenkins
2nd place - Silver - THE ISLAND by Trevor Anderson
honourable mention - Bronze - SKETCHI by Lily Sun
Best Aqua Jam - "Where Are You?" by Jonathan Cheeseman

Audience Choice Awards:
Best of Show - WEENIE WAGON WOE by Willy Ashworth
Best Aqua Jam - (tie!) "Surf Film" by Marc Beurteaux and "Water" by Mike

Award winners and jury photo:
(from L to R) Patrick Jenkins, Jonathan Cheeseman, Willy Ashworth, Ellen
Besen (jury member), Marc Beurteaux, Mike Weiss, Renata Mohamed (jury

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