Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TAIS Gallery updated!

Tara, our erstwhile admin, just wanted me to let y'all know that the TAIS Member Gallery has been updated! It now includes links to the sites and works of:

Charuvi Agrawal, Willy Ashworth, Nassim Azadi, Lise Beaudry, Veronika Belianina, Marc Beurteaux, Lukas Blakk, Guillermina Buzio, Daisy Chia, David N. Cobden,Grant Dix, Mark Dowsett, Stephanie Dudley, Jabari Elliot, Cesar Forero, Alexander Gelis ,Bryce Hallett, Patrick Jenkins, Susan Justin, Lisa Murzin, Craig Marshall, Allyson Mitchell, Justin Murphy, Madi Piller, Barry Sanders, Ruth Tait, Jeffrey Tran, Bob Wiseman, Christine Whitlock and Dong Yuxiao. Damn, that's whole lotta peoples. Go check out their stuffs!

I'll be doing profiles of all the artists in the Member Gallery this's a taster. Lil' film called "Dundas n' Bathurst", created in just 20 days by TAIS members Charuvi and Jeff Tran. Got top prize at TUFF. Enjoy!

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