Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comparo: Terra vs. Skywhales

Bit of a brew-ha-ha here over the trailer to what the folks over at Cartoon Brew consider to be yet another in a string of me-too 3d features, complete with a credit roll larded down with 'voice talent' and ho-hum designs. 'Battle for Terra' has an interesting concept, though...always wanted to do the 'alien invasion in reverse' story, wonder why no one's ever tackled it before in any real way. And if a studio has, please, let me know.

The film brought to mind (the mind in this case belonging to Chuck R.) a short film from way back called SkyWhales...essentially evoking the same kind of alien imagery as Terra, an alien race living side-by-side with giant flyin' critters. Anyhoo, both are presented here for your delectation. More to come!

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