Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ishu Patel and Nuit Blanche

Apologies for the lack of posts...workin' on a lil' 30-second short, which I will do a production blog entry for, so's y'all can see hows I dunnit. Meanwhile, events unfold here at TAIS. We've got an upcoming screening, master class and animation workshop with NFB legend Ishu's the poster. Don't delay on this one, folks...our master classes always fill up fast!

Next, Madi has put together a program of animated grooviness for the upcoming Nuit Blanche here in Toronto this Saturday, Oct. 4th. Animations by yours truly (my GUNBunnies!), some excellent student films, the latest from Craig Marshall and Marc Beurteaux...t'will be awesome. Event takes place at The Rhino, 1249 Queen West here in the Big Smoke. Here's the event can get a hi-res PDF on the TAIS site.

And once again, I'm finishing up a short project that has occupied my attention this last few weeks. Delivering it tonight to Doc Adams, podcaster and radio-man from's for his charity event, Extra Life. As soon as I've got the final version, I'll post it for all to enjoy, along with some production notes, model sheets and sketches. More to come!

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