Friday, October 17, 2008

Extra Life, Ishu Patel and other schtuffs...

O.k., so it's been a hairy week. Workin' on multiple games for multiple clients, extra hours to get thing ready for a new site we're launching at the day, I think I just pissed off my boss, and he doesn't piss off easily. Yeef.

So I'll leave you with a new toon and news. I created this for an event called Extra Life, happening tomorrow. It's a 24 hour gaming marathon with the proceeds going to a Texas children's hospital. Organized by Jeromy 'Doc' Adams, in honor of a girl named Tori (a good friend of Doc's) who died of a rare form of Leukemia early this year. Check out my toon, then check out the event.

Sending off this short and my 'First Time Out' short to KAFI, the Kalamazoo Animation Festival. They've recently opened their call for entries, so send 'em a DVD with yer stuffs!

Next, our homies over at MyToons are lookin' for spooky Halloween-a-mations, and yes, I'll be shooting them a link to both the Monsterjams. Get 'em your creepy toons soon, there's some good prizes to be had.

Finally, don't forget the special TAIS sponsored events happening this weekend featuring master animator (and all-round swell dude) Ishu Patel. Head over to the TAIS site for all them juicy details.

Right, that about wraps it up! I'll try to have some more Halloween inspired nooze and animation goodies for ya next week. Later, animators! (jebus, did I just write...)

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Blue said...

Neil - this is great. I'll spread the news about Extra Life - sounds like an excellent opportunity to help my younger cousins get involved and give back to the community. Have you thought about hitting up any schools at all? That might be a really neat school-wide project, and something I'm sure most districts would support...

Thanks for spreading the word!