Monday, February 25, 2008


O.k., folks, this is flippin' huge. Madi worked her magic along with special partners Saxon Investments to bring us a week of exhibitions and screenings of master animator Frédéric Back.
Head on over to the TAIS website for all the details and a downloadable bio of Mr. Back, as well as a printable PDF of the postcard designed for the event. The highlight of the week will no doubt be the screening of "All-Nothing", "The Mighty River" and "The Man who Planted Trees" at the Bloor Cinema on Saturday, March 15th...because the man himself will be in attendance for a moderated discussion of his works. No word on when tickets go on sale, but snap 'em up, people.

This unique project is made possible thanks to the financial support of SAXON INVESTMENTS , the loan of works of art and films by Radio Canada and our community partners: the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), the Alliance Française de Toronto, the Centre francophone de Toronto and the Scarborough Arts Council.


Raff said...

Any incubator sessions coming up?

TempleDog said...

Hey! We're in the process of finalizing two big events, this one and another one I'm workin' on as we we haven't had time to set up any Incubators, but Madi and meself will be meeting to plan out a couple in the next few weeks. I'll be sure to post 'em here when they happen. Cheers!