Thursday, February 21, 2008

Simon Tofield: Cat Man Do

My homey Comrade Kev e-mailed this bit of animated kitty goodness to me this mornin', and I instantly recognized it from an older Cartoon Brew post (I think). Animation by Simon Tofield, who currently hangs his hat at Tandem Films in London. A great funny lil' comic strip shot, two characters. Seems to be a huge hit among them there cat lovers, cuz I found uploads on just about every video sharing site you can mention. Cheered me up immensely after an evening involving tainted shrimp; why in dog's name I insist on eating my own cooking is as mysterious as, well, the motivations of a cat. Good on ya, Commie. And good on ya, Simon! More animated goodies as I finds 'em.

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