Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Years n' shtuff!

Yeah, I know yer all probably sick of the turkey by now, but hey, it's Aardman. Sorry for the lack of posts as well, it's been a bit of a workin' vacation this year. Monster posts updating y'all on the TAIS general meeting, upcoming events and more. Just a quick note on the TAIS meeting...I was re-elected blog beast, and all the board members, sans Marc Beaurteaux, whose gotta pay them bills, have signed on for another year. This last year has been an absolute blast, what with the blog, all the TAIS events, my film, all the stuff cooked up by the other TAIS members and all them animations and animators discovered on the interwebs. Really lookin' forward to 2008. Now go home and watch some cartoons, dammit! Cheers!

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Allen said...

Hi Happy New year from the void of Hamilton. Its void because I've been out of touch with the animation biz for so long. What's new?

Enjoyed the Night of Kaj Pindel.

Good luck on the blog, keep up the excellent work.