Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Grant Dix stop-mo to go!

I was doing a search for info on animation grants for an L.A. animator lookin' to hop across the border to work in Toronto, and look what I done found. Grant's Animation. Get it? Man, I love it when Google does that. Grant Dix is a stop-mo animator from right here in T'rawna. His latest appears above...yer gonna love the toilet-cup gag and the sneeze fx. Hell, he even worked some bloopers in there...nice! Hey, Grant, howzabout submitting this film to Frederator, hmm...?

Here's an open invite to drop by TAIS in the new year. I'll keep an eye on Grant's blog, letch'all know when he posts some new stop-mo goodness. More later!


Grant's Animation said...


Thanks for featuring my latest animation. I will drop by TAIS . By the way what is "frederator"? I'll have new animation posted within a few weeks. Thanks again.

TempleDog said...

Channel Frederator is essentially a weekly animation festival! The guys at Fred Siebert's Frederator Studios (the Fairly Oddparents, Wow Wow Wubzy) take submissions from independent animators and put 'em together into a weekly downloadable podcast. My film, 'First Time Out' was featured in episode 108. Check 'em out: