Monday, November 12, 2007

Xmas toon production blog: Walk Cycle

I've been dyin' to do my own Christmassy-type cartoon show, so I decided to kill several birds with one animated stone and do a Xmas toon featuring a character I designed for the fellas over at the Gamer Cast network! Here's the model sheet with the clean up line layed down.

Here's the filled and shaded version, showin' the parts exploded. Keepin' it pretty basic here; the point being to have some silly fun and keep the production time to a fair minimum while still getting some good, silly animation down.

Here, som preliminary nested animation frames, for the arms and the legs. Gonna try to push the broad actions with Emilio on this one. My animations tend not to be wild enough, so I'm just gonna go nuts with this one.

A quick walk cycle to test out the character's look on the move. The Black n' White stroke line on the outside is very cool, but very time consuming...gotta see if there's some way to keep it while speeding up the post process required to add it to each frame. More later!


Eric Z said...

This looks great Neil, can't wait to see the final version. Nice design.

Stickman Animator said...

I liked the character!