Monday, October 15, 2007

Jeff Pidgeon: have Beaver, will travel

I hate toy packrats...y'know, the doods what will obsessively collect toys n' action figgers n' stuff just so they can have the whole series, r' whatnot. Guys with a discernin' eye, who pick up shtuff because it looks great, now, they're fairly rare.

Doods who collect and create, now they're a rare breed indeed. Meet a member of the species, or at least his work. Jeff Pidgeon, animation writer from California, is also an avid collector of the cool and cute, as well as a designer. Check out his super-groovy Happy Beaver vinyl, seen here posin' in Vancouver, all travellin' gnome styles. I've sent Mr. Pidgeon the e-mail in a brazen attempt to aquire one of these limited edition orange rodents fer my very own. I'll keep y'all posted. Meanwhile, check out Jeff's collection on Flikr. Link courtesy of the master of all things drawn, John Martz.

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