Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dave likes my shit!

Check out more of Dave's toons on

Anybody what's seen my Gonads Wiimix short knows I'm a fan of one David C. Lovelace. The music-composin' flash-animatin' n'er-do-well behind one of me fave online toons, Retarded Animal Babies, is a staple of hooligan culture site Newgrounds. His latest coup is animating a video for Weird Al's 'Straight Outta Lynwood' album. Currently, Dave's into web comix. His latest appears above.

Besides toons and tunes, Dave's also whipped up a few fonts in his day. One of 'em, Pentomino, is the interface font I used in 'First Time Out'. I wanted a font that looked sci-fi: angular and stylized, but not legible...the font should be cool enough to give the setting some credibility, but not legible enough to distract the viewer into reading every monitor and screen that goes by.

As you can see, Dave's font fit the bill perfectly. Good on ya, Dave! Somebody remind me to finally get off my ass and buy me a copy of his RAB DVD.

Dave emailed me to let me know he's linked the Youtube vid off Umop's home page. I mentioned that it was nice to see Puppy still workin', and Dave's enigmatic reply:

"Oh yeah, Puppy's working. He's working very... very...HARD in the next episode... "

This can't bode well for everyone's favorite oversexed hound. I'll keep you posted with all the latest developments.

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