Friday, February 16, 2007

My Adventures with Cloe

Thanks to the guys at Cold Hard Flash for this one. It's a pilot from them fine boys n' girls at FatKat animation ( but don't be fooled by the cute kid and the cuddly dino, this is adult fare only...definetely not safe fer work, unless you've got headphones or a really groovy boss. This is just the teaser trailer, but don't fret...the whole 12 minute shebang is yers to watch at

Fat Kat has been making quite a name for itself recently, with tons of commercial work and of course the Happy Tree Friends tv series that they whipped up for Roque and the crew at Mondo Media. ( If Cloe isn't picked up by Cartoon Network or Comedy Central, there's something inherently wrong with the universe. Teletoon, hey! You need this show, fellas!

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