Monday, February 19, 2007

First Time Out...submitting to Platform!

First film, first submission to a fest! Platform is the first U.S. competitive festival dedicated to just animation...and it's coinciding fairly nicely with the state of my film, which is still 'in-progress'. Luckily, the doods in Portland will take a gander at unfinished work, provided the nail is in the coffin by May 25th, which I think I can handle. 'Course, I also thought I could finish the damn thing in a week...I'll sacrifice a chicken to the animation gods and pray for the best. Meanwhile, I gotta get my butt home and burn a CD with stills, a synopsis and a bio, and a fresh DVD with the latest build o' my film on it, and get it in the mail by Wednesday, ifn' I'm gonna make the March 1st deadline! Wish me the luck.

Oh, and ifn' anybody else wants to submit, the site is at

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