Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pixilation Weekend!

"The Game" Stop motion / Pixilation Music Video from viralmess on Vimeo.

Long time no speaky! Sorry for the long absence, but things are a' brewing at TAIS, and you'll be able to get a taste this weekend. We've got a workshop on Pixilation...what, praytell, is that, you ask?

Pixilation Weekend!
Pixilation is a stop motion technique where live actors are used, often with other props and puppets, as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film. Over the course of a weekend, learn how to create a pixilation animation from start to finish with plenty of hands-on activities to get you inspired.

Dates: April 10-11
Times: 11 am – 5 pm
Location: TAIS Studio, 60 Atlantic Ave
$65 members, $90 non-members

Check out the embed above, 'The Game', a music video for band Rodeo Massacre, for a prime example of what Pixilation looks like. More to come!

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