Friday, February 5, 2010

Jonathan Amitay strips down to the truth

Just heard from TAIS member and gentle, retiring soul Jonathan Amitay, who is under the weather due to having to go under the knife. Wish him well, dammit! Here's his 2007 take on the ol' 'Emperor's New Clothes' chestnut, which he gives his usual life-affirming touch.

O.k., enough with the sarcasm. Jon's stock n' trade is political commentary...he's one of those guys who can't help but comment on the state of the world and mankind's self-abusive nature, and it informs everything he does, including his dark but apt take on an old classic fairy-tale which is supposed to be a funny story about a naked fat guy. I'll have a full profile of Jon and maybe some new stuff of his to show you, just as soon as he's feeling a bit better. More to come!

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