Monday, September 28, 2009

Mukpuddy gets on their high horse...

So here's a great new pilot from our New Zealand homies Mukpuddy Animation. It's a buddy comedy featuring a neurotic horse who's a lil', um, embarrasingly deficient (hence the pants) and his adorable, anti-social dickhead of a bunny room-mate. Definitley could see this as a recurring web series, could make a good fit on Comedy Network...'course, they'd have to change it to a Moose and a Beaver. My only issue; Stallion makes it sound like a western somehow. I'd suggest 'Horse in the City', but Mo Willems might send his rabid ninjabats after me. Either way, check it out, give 'em a lil' positive feedback or constructive criticism on their YouTube page. Thanks to Aaron over at CHF for bringin' this to my attention! Cuz, I'm all important n' shit. I am, you know. Sniff. More later.

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