Monday, June 29, 2009

Chicken Jam hilites

Ba-Kawk! - Watch more amazing videos here

O.k., here's all the Chickenjam submissions I could find online. The whole evening was a-flippin'-mazing, and the crowd lost it when we screened these, and more than 20 others! I'll have a full report later in the week. Enjoy! And show these filmmakers some love by bloggin' about them or forum posting, Twitter, whatever...they rock.


Joseph said...

The screening was great! Thanks for hosting and for posting!!!

Raff said...

Hardly a clean or tasteful joke to be found. Not even mine:

Click BOCK!!

Cool to see these posted so you can pick up all the details.njfh

TempleDog said...

Thanks one and all for submitting their chicken films! I'll be posting the whole jam later in July. Meanwhile, Raff and Martin, I've posted your entries. Anybody else reading the blog that wants a post of their chicken film, lemme know!

Anonymous said...

Well, since you're asking, sure i'd like mine posted here.



Anonymous said...

I guess it'd help to send you my link ;)

Thanks again!