Monday, May 11, 2009

Graham and Scott are cool doodz.

TCAF was soggy yet satisfying this year, with a massive layout of indy comics guys and gals hawkin' their tawdry wares and doin' their thing. And lo' and behold, there was not only an animation flava goin' on, but a vidya games thang too! Scott Campbell, character designer of Double-Fine's 'Psychonauts' game, and Graham Annable, animator and comic artist responsible for YouTube editor fave 'Grickle', were both in attendance, signing books and posters and generally being awesome. Scott's hardcover just came out...not yet available from Double-Fine's store, but is in on teh Azamons. Graham's got a new book out, 'Stickleback', and promises a new Grickle animated funny 'just as soon as I get some time to spare.' Nice meeting you, guys! Oh, and a video/animated treat comin' tomorrow (probably). More later!

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