Friday, April 24, 2009

Jewish Animation is the fo-shizzle

Last night's showcase of Jewish animated films was such a hit, I could just plotz. According to Madi, it was a packed house, with 130 people in attendance including Arnie Lipsey, Eugene Fedorenko and Nick Fox-Gieg. All in all, a darn good time.

Speakin' o' good times, don't forget our upcoming workshops with the forementioned Mr. Fox-Gieg and Mike Weiss. More info in the Workshops section of the TAIS site, or just hit the link. I'm out, cheers!

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Steve Bergson said...

I didn't attend this event, as I was at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival. Glad to hear that it was packed though. And I have already seen some of these at the last Jewish animation screening (at the Al Green, in conjunction with the TJFF).

I am wondering how I could go about getting a (legal) copy of the short film Almonds & Wine. I used to watch it online, but the site doesn't host it any longer.