Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bryce-A-Mation: Animation Unleashed

Just hoid the good woid from fellow animator and TAIS board dood Bryce Hallett. Seems he went ahead and animated a trailer for that other guide book. Y'know, the one what I fergot in my 'books you need' list? Sorry, Ellen and Bryce, me brains have been a quart low and a dollar short as of late.

Ellen's book has been getting well-reviewed and well-received around the interwebnets, and yet after doing the post about books a few weeks back it fell completely off this pooch's radar, a damn shame, cuz it's a good book to I've been told. Fortunately, the ever stalwart Bryce (he who illustrated said book) has kept me a copy, signed by Ellen and I'll be able to check it out mesself soon! I'll do up a mini-review for y'all in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, check out the trailer and get a copy from the Amazon, or if yer in Toronto, hit up The Beguiling (copies comin' soon!) or The Labyrinth (no word on copies yet...I'll call 'em tomorry) for your very owns. More later!

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