Friday, August 15, 2008

Llamas and Nooze

Sorry for the quietude of late...a combination of the business-ness and the sickness-ness. At any rate, lemme get you up ta speed.

Them fine folks over at Channel Frederator put the 1st half of the MONSTERJAM in this week's episode! I've uploaded the second half to their servers, and I'll be giving a shout to all the jammers via email to see if we can get a few words from the individual film-makers for the Fred Raw blogs.

We'll also be submitting the jam to a few festivals and screening 'round the country and beyond, so as to spread the monster madness far and wide. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I've been whipping up some art goodies meself. In addition to the previously mentioned Fishboy, there's this piece, done for a podcaster homie in Ohio. Can't say what it's fer, exactly...

Beyond that, Madi has sent me a quick update of events planned for the coming months, and we may have a lil' sumthin' else planned for the end of the year...along with screenings and special events. I'll get you the skinny just as soon as I have the details. Next TAIS board meet will be next week. See ya!

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