Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TAIS nooze and Beguiling special!

Long time no speaky, blog-buddies. Been down with the sickness, but don't worry, I'm up on all the going's on at TAIS. Board members met on Friday to select films for the up-coming Animation Showcase. I wasn't present, not wanting to give the other board members a lil' token of my infection, but I'm sure the line-up is gonna be stellar...Madi don't pick no junk. Speakin' of whom, I'll be meeting up with Madi to look at all the MONSTERJAM entries on Monday...apparently, there's a lot of 'em. Like six minutes worth! Damn, this is gonna be good. Board members will be meeting again later in the month to pick out winners for our Monster Factory stuffies and graphic novels. I'll let you know about some of the filmmakers in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, things be hoppin' over at the Beguiling as well! Legendary underground comic artist Spain Rodriguez will be in town, promoting his new book as part of the Toronto art festival 'Luminato'. And Chris has snagged some tickets! If you wants one, needs one, do go and head over to the Beguiling's web site for all them details; only, don't dawdle, 'cuz they will go fast. Later!

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