Friday, May 9, 2008

Badjoojoo: The Cliche list

I try to avoid re-blogging at all times, but blog comments I consider fair game. For example, Jerry and Amid over at Cartoon Brew recently posted a quick round-up of summer animated features, and blog-goer BadJooJoo felt the need to drop the knowledge. Below is a nicely thought out list of all the crap feature studios needs to stop pulling for awhile, in hopes that they don't appear to be freakin' hacks. Above, the trailer for 'Space Chimps', appearing this summer, illustrates many of Badjoojoo's points. Enjoy. Oh, and more MONSTERJAM nooze next week.


Here my a top ten list of animated movie cliches (that must be banned for 25 years.) It can be used as a drinking game. I noticed that approximately 80% appear in the Space Chimps trailer alone.

1, THE SLO-MO NO - This is a scene played for laughs which usually involves some kind of (usually mid-air) slow-motion action. Extra points for scenes that involve slow-motion speech. Extra-extra points if that speech is the word “Nooooooo!”

2. YESSSS! - This involves a character (it’s usually a kid) pumping his fist and saying “Yesssss!” aloud or simply mouthing the word.

3. GREETING THA ‘HOOD - This usually occurs at the opening of a movie where a character (typically the protagonist) is stolling through his “neighborhood” greeting everybody he passes (typically with a big wave and/or a high-five). Extra points if the character does the “wink and point.” Extra-extra points if he uses both hands to do the “wink and point”.

4. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (a.k.a. Whoooooaaaaa!) - This is a scene that includes a reaction shot in which one or more characters engage in a prolonged scream in a frightening situation. Extra points if one character continues screaming long after all the other characters have stopped.

5. THE CRASH AND SLIDE - This is where a character crashes into some sort of obstacle (typically a window, but sometimes a wall or ceiling) then sticks there for a moment (usually to make some offbeat remark) before sliding off.

6. THAT’S GOTTA HURT - Right after some slapstick calamity, some other character fliply remarks, “That’s gotta hurt.” or something similar.

7. THE MILITARY MANEUVER - Typically happening right before the final showdown, The Military Maneuver involves civilian protagonists in non-military situations springing into action and adopting military mannerisms. These include call and response chants, training montages, lots of inspections and saluting and are usually accompanied by lots of snare drums and horns on the music track.

8. THE ANIMATED BOOGALOO - When a character in a non-musical suddenly busts out into a fit of spontaneous dancing (usually breakdancing).

9. THE RIGHT STUFF REVISITED - Scene which parodies the slow-motion walking scene from “The Right Stuff.”

10. ANNOYING A.D.D. SIDEKICK - Blabbermouthed sidekick or secondary character with Attention Deficit Disorder. Males are usually cowards, females are usually loud and sassy. Bonus points awarded when the character is portrayed by an African American actor.


Anonymous said...

As I said over on CB, it's a great list, but don't forget the 'TUDE

[click the link , you know you want to see Space Chimps in all their 'tude glory)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a great list of cliches, but let's not forget this one :


(click the link to see Spacey Chimpy 'tude in all it's glory)