Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post the First!

Hey! TempleDog here, officially starting the TAIS blog! This will be the place to catch up on all the latest happenings and events coming up at TAIS, check out some work by TAIS members and other animators from Canada and a-broad, and whatever groovy animation goodness I can relate to y'all from around teh interweb. See, how I misspelled that last bit? Means I'm cool. I think.

This inaugural post comes hot on the heels of the TAIS yearly general meeting. New board members were elected and a few small, but important, charter amendments were made. Plus, we ate us some chips. Things need to be finalized at the next meeting, which happens on Tuesday, February 6th. More details to come!

In addition, we've got the first Incubator of 2007 comin' up on Thursday, February 8th. Incubators happen the first Thursday of every's an open house, where members and non-members can come and show off their latest works-in-progress and get some feedback. Thanks to Madi Piller, TAIS prez elect, for holding this one next week instead of tomorrow...finishing up some scenes, and I want to use next week as my artifical deadline. If you likes you some crazy robot action, drop by and I'll show you a rough edit. Plus, Madi's bringing her latest work...and there'll be chips. There's always chips.

O.k., enough for one post. I'll try to keep things updated regular-like on Wednesdays and Fridays, plus special posts whenever any big events break on the TAIS calendar. Meanwhile, here's some shots of the new TAIS location in the Artscape building on Atlantic avenue. Fer you people in the know, yep, that's right down da street from Nelvana. Later!

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