Thursday, August 20, 2009

LazyBoy's Demo is Reel...groovy.

Just perusin' my YouTube subscriptions, and noticed that my man LazyBoy (a.k.a. Lazy Muffin, a.k.a. Israeli animator and sick phoink Yotam Perel) has posted a new demo reel, showcasing his many animated transgressions. Recently, LazyBoy had a hit on his hands, garnering a whole bunch of views on hooligan animation site Newgrounds for a piece he did based on pervy podcast The Distorted View Show. Good on ya, ya lazy bastard. Right now, he's havin' to deal with his upcoming compulsory service in the all y'all what was 10 minutes late cuz of the traffics this morning, quit yer whinin'. More to come.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Comic Store Events!

I've also been lax with the book store nooze for all you comic and art book fans, so lemme tell ya 'bout two events happenin' this weekend. First off, our humble homies at the Labyrinth are holding a 'Mighty Muggs' art show, character design showdown and charity, talk about a full dance card. Details about what you can get and what you should bring are on their blog.

Second, our graphic guerrilla buddies over at the Beguiling are welcoming new Tank Girl artist Rufus Dayglo (lovin' that name, fella) as drops across the pond to celebrate his run on the series. Just be aware that if you wanna shake hands with Rufus, the event is tonight, Friday the 7th! Sorry for the late warning, it's been that kind of a week. Plus, on Tuesday it's the Marvel 70th Anniversary and Sale. Prepare to get poor, comics fans. Sounds like a full weekend. More to come...enjoy yo'selves, ya heah!

Mercury Filmworks needs a few good men...uh, people.

Sorry for the lack of posts, punkaroos...guess the ChickenJam took it outta me, cuz I've been doing nothin' but lazin' round them interwebnets. But the fall is comin', and according to the fine folks over at Toon Boom there's opportunities to be had. Seems Mercury Filmworks up in Ottawa has a hit on their hands with porcine pals Toot and Puddle, and are lookin' to expand. So if you think you've got the chops, shoot your URLs and portfolios up to 'em, and mebbe you'll get the nod. Good luck!