Friday, September 19, 2008

Art Jumble and Cake

Quick post today about a great site and an upcoming comic anthology release. Art Jumble is, as described by them what runs it "...a weekly drawing community that supports illustration, comics and animation. Each Monday a topic is announced and any member can submit a piece about that topic. Members who post are the sole authors of their work and have all rights to their own pieces."

Sounds all lovely n' hippy-dippy, no? Hang on, there's roolz in them there blogs.

1) The piece being posted can be any phase of the piece (a sketch to a completed piece).

2) Keep it clean. Some members have children that love to look at all the fun illustrations. No nudity or anything that would offend someone. (baby bigfoot genitalia notwithstanding-tdog)

3) Critiquing someones piece, if you don't have something nice to say please keep it to yourself.

4) If you've posted already and would like to update that same art - please do not post it again - please update the post that you've already posted.

5) Please submit your piece for the current week before or on Sunday, for new topics are announced on Monday's.

Here's some samples from fellow Splashworker Eric Zermeno, Gary Ham (who'd like you to know it's Talk like a Pirate Day!) and the anatomically adorable Beatriz that order.

Of course, I've gone and added 'em to the Links of Doom! Check 'em out, mebbe join the club if ya wanna. Meanwhile, Eric and his Art Jumble homies are busy at work on Cake Anthology vol. 2, which promises to be some good comic eatin'. Here's a link to vol. 1...go get a copy. And keep a few shillings aside to pick up Vol. 2...should be out just in time for Xmas. More to come!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mike Geiger gets spooky on yer ass...County Ghost

Keeping up with his tradition of great characters and terrifically timed animation coupled with a swingin' score, Mike Geiger (Monsterjammer extraordinaire) has just premiered COUNTY GHOST, his new web series. You can watch the whole thang above, and be sure to drop by his YouTube page of Youtubeyness for more animated schtuffs of similar high quality. Special thanks to Aaron Simpson over at Cold Hard Flash for that there head's up.

Ellen and Bryce done dood a book!

Seems that TAIS homey and all-round animation maven Ellen Besen has teamed up with our very own Bryce Hallett to produce a book, nay, a tome on the subject of all things animated. And, she'll be up in Ottawa next week signing up copies! Go get you one! And hey, Bryce, don't ferget to snag mine...I expect florid and flattering autographs from you both, of course. For those of you who might miss the opportunity to get yerself a signed copy, fret not...she'll be at the Gladstone Hotel on Nov. 4th as part of the 'This is Not a Reading Series' uh, series. More to come!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TAIS event: Aardman retrospective

Just a quick post to show y'all some of the goodies brung over from ol' Blighty by Aardman's own Helen Brunsdon. She's heading up to Ottawa next for the fest, so if you missed the show (free, by the way) you can catch it up there, although you'll have to buy the tickets. Thanks to the NFB for setting up a second simulcast room for all the extra folks what showed up. More to come!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Frederator does OIAF signal films!

In the runup to this year's Ottawa fest, at which Frederator Studios plans on being a big presence, they've gotten a whole mess of Ottawa signal films together and programmed 'em into an episode of Channel Frederator! Phark me, why din't I think of this? I won't be up this year, so somebody buy Dan Meth the cocktail for me. Enjoy!

In Order of Appearance:
1976 - André Théroux (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation & National Research Council of Canada)

1998 - Justin Stephenson (Cuppa Coffee Animation)

2004 - "Instant Animator's Dinner, Hand-o-Matic & Animator's in a Pouch" Theodore Ushev, Eric Barbeau (National Film Board of Canada)
1996 - Marv Newland (International Rocketship Limited)

2006 - Bruce Alcock (Global Mechanic)

2002 - "Scratch Track" Richard Reeves
2005 - Will Krause

1980 - George Iro & Gerard Bueche (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

2003 - Nick Cross

2007 - Filmtecknarna

Beyond Granpa

I had a particularly shitty day yesterday, and whenever that happens, I goes and watches some funny cartoons. Here's one of me faves. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MyToons has 5 OIAF passes up fer grabs!

Them fine folks over at MyToons have snagged themselves 5 animapasses for this year's Ottawa International Animation Festival. Now, you 'member how much of a blast last year's fest was...

You need to go, 'specially since I cannot (work, n' all that.) So, go on over to this blogpost and send in yer comments on why you'd like to go. Best ones picked by the MyToons judges will get the golden tickee. So, what you starin' at me fer? Go!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Song of the Sad Assassin

Been awhile since we've had a public service message from our friends over at the Citizens Against Safety Goggles. Mike L. Mayfield has animated up an intriguing video here for the band "Why?". Enjoy.

Aardman event!

Sorry for the long absence, blog-buddies, it's been that kind of a summer. Fortunately, it's come to an end with a nice aperitif in the form of a free event, sponsored by TAIS and held at the NFB! Programmed by Helen Brunsdon and hosted by Michael Fukushima, it's a night of Aardman faves, and it's free! Check out the poster, or head on over to the TAIS or NFB sites for more info. Laters!